CO2 removal
November 3, 2023

Enable the creation of new forests in West Sumatra

CO2 removal

Our partner CO2 Operate, its local partner RPL (Rimbo Pangan Lestari), and the local farming communities have developed a highly effective, low-cost method to restore tree cover on these degraded lands. Assisted Natural Regeneration (ANR) techniques are combined with the planting of economically valuable trees. All trees planted are chosen by the local community according to their needs and preferences.By working with nature rather than against it, within 5 years a species-rich and productive food forest emerges.

The forest restoration method is accessible even to the poorest farmers. The only tools required are a board for pressing down imperata grass areas and/or cutting back ferns with a machete to reduce competition for the existing and planted trees. Training in good and ecological tree management and supplementary village processing increase the value of forest products and boost local income and employment in rural areas for everyone.