CO2 removal
November 3, 2023

Store CO2 in biochar with additional benefits

CO2 removal

Together with our partner Dutch Carboneers, we are developing decentralized climate protection projects and providing local agricultural communities in India with training, tools, and technologies to produce biochar. These projects not only serve climate protection but also promote the socio-economic development of the participating communities by providing farmers with an additional income and improved agricultural practices. They benefit not only from the revenue from the production of biochar but can also use it to fertilize their fields, which increases crop yields and makes them more resistant to drought. Over 65% of the income from the carbon credits is directed back to the farmers and overseers, with more than 60% of the overseer positions being held by women.

Furthermore, the use of digital Monitoring, Reporting, and Verification systems (dMRV) ensures high transparency and reliability of the projects. This allows us to track the extent of CO2 removal and the positive impacts on the communities and to progressively spread the system to more and more locations.

In summary, our collaboration with Dutch Carboneers not only promotes an effective solution for CO2 reduction but also supports sustainable development and the well-being of communities in the Global South through education, income opportunities, and environmentally friendly agricultural practices.