November 3, 2023

Support the Climate Transformation Fund


The Climate Transformation Fund encompasses 25 different projects from various think tanks and startups, focusing on three main areas: restoration and protection of nature, the societal impact of decarbonization, and technical solutions for the reduction and storage of CO2.

We chose this collection of projects for CO₂ reduction and storage because they are among the most promising in the world, are already underway, and could deliver rapid results in the coming years. Furthermore, only organizations that cannot pursue their projects without external capital are financially supported. Due to their often pioneering roles with never-before-tested technologies, these organizations typically find it especially challenging to find investors elsewhere. Additionally, we find it exciting that think tanks addressing social questions and issues are also being supported.

Another advantage of many of these projects is the permanence of the CO₂ storage for hundreds or thousands of years. We also have the assurance that the projects will be carried out as agreed upon because our partners at Milkywire impose comprehensive reporting and selection criteria on the organizations. An overview of the supported projects and selection criteria can be found here.