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Download the app now!

This is what OneClimate is all about:

Carbon Legacy: Do your best, remove the rest.
Personalized CO2 tracking. Actions to reduce emissions in everyday life and create impact on society.
Effective offsetting options.
Climate Points: Calculate impact, cultivate change.
Scale of 10 to 100 points for different actions.
Special rewards for impact.
Leaderboards, events, continuous development.
Community Action: Uniting for a sustainable future.
Collaborative petition signing and group initiatives to multiply all climate initiatives. A thriving community focused on collective change.

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Our Journey

We started working on OneClimate in May of 2021, as a venture development team of the company builder Wattx in cooperation with Viessmann Climate Solutions.

At that time, the project was called "Climate Positive Club" and aimed to enable as many people as possible to do more climate protection. The starting point was Viessmann's LEAP [Lead, Empower, Advocate, Partner] to Net-Zero strategy, which they set as an additional goal to the reduction targets recorded in Science Based Target Initiative.

Our Approach

We quickly realized that the topic of carbon offsets and carbon footprints is very controversial – so we decided to take a holistic approach. Today, you will find everything around the CO2 footprint and handprint in our app.

We work with NGOs as well as with companies, united in the goal to promote meaningful actions for the climate: From the Phase-out Fossil Fuel petition of Greenpeace to the installation of a Viessmann heat pump.

We ourselves do not pretend to know the one way to protect our climate but invite all people to share their ideas, approaches and opinions with us, so that we can explore them together and share them on the platform.

The Business Model

What started as a project in 2021 has matured into a company in March 2023.
As the Climony GmbH, we are active on the market as a for-profit company however, our business model is structured in such a way that behind every euro earned there is also a meaningful action for the climate – this is how we envision a "new economy". We call ourselves "Ecopreneurs".

We earn money through a margin on our climate subscriptions, through affiliates and through contributions from our partners – but we are still mostly dependent on the support of our investors, Viessmann Climate Solutions.

We Are Always Learning

Nobody is perfect, and neither are we. But we try to act to the best of our ability every day, working together for a good future. All in the spirit of our purpose: to empower a global movement towards planetary and human health, one choice at a time.

Meet the
OneClimate Team!

In the heart of Berlin, we found each other to build an app that joins us in our passion for climate action! Have any questions? Feel free to reach out to us!